For this skit you will need two hunting buddies and a 911 call center person.

The skit starts off with the two hunters pretending to hunt in the woods ( you could use twigs for guns). Suddenly one of them clutching his chest, falls to the ground. The other pulls out his cell phone and calls 911 looking around in a panic and acting scared. This works best if the 911 person is on the other side of the stage and just stands up or walks on to the stage at this point.

911: "Hello?"

Fred: " 911 my friend (insert name) has fallen to the ground and I think he might be dead!!!"

911: " Sir please calm down and follow my instructions. First we have to make sure he's dead.."


There is a gunshot and Fred comes back on the phone.

Fred:" Now what?"
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Submitted by: Tasha Richard

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