We were at a traveling carnival, riding the rides and having a good time. We came upon a fortune teller booth and thought it would be fun to have our palms read. My {wife/husband/friend} went first and was told that they were going to lead a healthy, happy life.

When it came time for my turn, the fortune teller took my palm and looked at me very strangely. She asked me if I was fond of dogs and I told her yes. She told me that in a previous life I had been a dog, but I had been treated poorly by my owner. In fact, he kept me tied up with a heavy chain and that I tried so hard to escape that it broke my collar bone. In fact, my collar bone has a knot in it even now from this experience - go ahead and feel right here. (encourage one of them to feel your collar bone and when they do turn and try to bite their hand while barking.)
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