This game is quick and simple to learn! Especially when played with a large group of people, this game is a ton of fun! (if the group is very large two Park Rangers can exist at once.)

To play this game you will need a fairly open area (ie: a lawn) and pre-set boundary lines.

One player is chosen at random to be the “Park Ranger”. This player begins in the center of the lawn. All other players stand in a line (shoulder-to-shoulder) facing the Park Ranger.

All of these players choose an animal. This animal becomes your identity and there is no need, though it is not forbidden, to tell anyone else what your animal is.

The Park Ranger then says a characteristic that the other player’s animals may have (ex: “If your animal has a beak…feathers…four legs” etc.) If a player’s animal does have the feature mentioned they must run across the lawn without being tagged or going out of the boundaries.

The Park Ranger tries to tag as many people as possible. If a player is tagged they become a “Tree”. Trees freeze where they are tagged and though they cannot move their feet they can sway and tag others as they run past. If a Tree tags you, you too become a tree. The last player who is not a tree wins and gets to be the Park Ranger for future rounds.


Players of any age can play this game, for younger children assistant identifying their animals features may be needed.
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Submitted by: Kearney Tate

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