Directions for Story: Guests sit in a circle on floor;
lights are off except for the flashlight Narrator reads by. Lay each item to be passed in a separate bowl, and then pass to the next person. While guests pass an item, Narrator holds the flashlight underneath his chin to give his face a scary look.

Poor Joe. He should have stayed home on that Halloween night. But out he went in the dark, dark night. A goblin was watching Joe walk 'cross the land. He swooped down beside him, and snatched off his hand! Poor Joe. (Narrator passes cold stuffed, rubber glove to person next to him. It continues being passed around until it returns to Narrator who sets it down and then continues with story.)

He shivered and shook and grew oh so cold. He fell when he ran, 'cause he lost all his toes! Poor Joe. (Narrator passes 10 small pieces of peeled carrots of different sizes)

A black cat crossed his path giving Joe such a scare. He threw back his head and off came his hair! Poor Joe. (Narrator passes a wig.)

Hobbling along, one hand on a cane, Joe tried hard to think, but oops! -- No more brains! Poor Joe. (Narrator passes cold, cooked spaghetti.)

Oh no, I can't think, but at least I can hear, If witches or goblins should now reappear." So Joe kept on going -- laden with fear, but he shook as he walked, and off fell his ear! Poor Joe. (Narrator passes dried apricot.)

And there in the distance his house he could spy, but just for a second...for out popped his eyes! Poor Joe. (Narrator passes two peeled, green grapes.)

He yelled and he screamed, and he screamed and he yelled, hoping that someone would be there to tell. So he took a deep breath: his patience was wrung, But no sound was uttered for out fell his tongue! Poor Joe. (Narrator passes a piece of bologna.)

Ah, what a shame! What a pity! What a fright! That Joe ventured out on that Halloween night. He lay they’re alone...nothing left, not a part. And all you could hear was the beat of his heart. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP. (Narrator turns off flashlight and slowly and softly repeats the words "THUMP" several times.)


cold stuffed rubber glove, 10 small pieces of peeled carrots of different sizes, a wig, cold, cooked spaghetti, dried apricot, two peeled, green grapes, a piece of bologna
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